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I've known you for years.

The word "house" evokes the mental image of a rectangular building with a roof and smoking chimney, which may be surrounded by grass and trees and inhabited by a happy family.

Do people still actually use that word?

All eyes turned towards her.

All the seats are booked.


You'll find the shop around the corner.

It is likely to be fine.

We had a stroke.

Blake apologized to Randal for his son's impolite remarks.

Terrance was cruel to Hsuan.


He would not go with me for anything.

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Sir, have you seen Sir Cyrano?


Max can't remember exactly where he put his keys.

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I have no religion.

Japan can thus make a contribution in the fields of culture and education.

I need to speak with them.

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Wade doesn't play tennis.

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Saad has told me that same joke more than ten times.


They decided that it would be better to start at once.

What do you think about Christian's problem?

He missed the 8:30 train.

The trains leave at two-hour intervals.

Marsh was thirteen when he died.

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Do it yourself and do it right away.


The hill was covered in snow.

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Pravin grabbed his coat.

My uncle came to see me.

You're the owners.

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Why aren't you eating your vegetables?


I don't think Rick is ever going to get married.


What business is it of yours what I do with my money?


I think Cathy paid way too much for that old saxophone.


I'm gonna leave him a tip.


We haven't even started.


Toby is an egotist.

It is not right to vex ourselves at things, for they care nought about it.

Management has threatened to lock out the workforce if they do not accept the proposed changes.

I'm going to go over to Sherman's.

Sonny asked if Vince was married.

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We're looking for a friend of ours.

I bought a pen like yours yesterday.

Help yourself. There's plenty more in the kitchen.

Please write to me as soon as possible!

My mailing address is 920 Broadway.

The Hungarians will have more sentences than we do.

Don't bite off more than you can chew.


The colonists bartered with the natives for fur.

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I have little, if any, interest in popular songs.


We want to do better.


Bill put aside a hundred dollars for his trip.

My mom won't be happy to see you.

Is it far from your place?


This is a work that benefits others.


It was embarrassing the way my parents bragged about me at the concert.

It was obvious that Pilot wanted to kiss me.

Pat never talked about you.

I found a good Mexican restaurant.

It isn't as if we were rich.

Bread's in the oven.

I know it's the right thing.

How many workdays are there this month?

When were the elections?

That is what it really comes down to, I think.

I only entrusted the secret to you.

Randolph was evicted from his home.

I got up early in the morning.

Brandy doesn't hate you, List.

I'm happy for this opportunity.


The sufferer of a cold may have spread the virus even before they noticed any symptoms.


Tony ate his meals in the kitchen and he slept in a little room at the top of the farmhouse.


If religion were synonymous with morality, Brazil would be the most uncorrupted country in the world.


I hunt almost every day.

Is this camera for sale?

Albert never did that.


I don't have any money and I don't have any friends either.


Can I ask you guys something?

I can't believe it's that simple.

Timothy got angry with Panacea.

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Do you really believe that?


I can hardly understand what she says.


We need to follow him.

It changed my life.

I really enjoyed myself at the party.

She enjoys soaking herself in a hot bath.

You should've told me you weren't planning on going with us.

It could take up to three months to finish this.

The ship was at the mercy of the sea.

I don't like artificial flowers.

Let's throw a bachelor party for Judy.

I arrived three days ago.

I'm going to go feed the ducks.


I should probably help them.

Finishing this job by Tuesday will be a piece of cake.

Todd looked for a job in the end.

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You're a great kisser.


We might never see you again.

It is about 1 mile from here to the station.

In her youth, my mother was very beautiful.

I stayed up late preparing for the examination.

You will be a singer.

Cindy promised to meet Suu at the usual time and the usual place.

"I agree with him." "So do I."

I came to help.

Norman doesn't look well.

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I can't just kick Kathy out.

The meeting ended earlier than usual.

I don't want to throw this away.


Why did you only stop the foreigners?


Mara and Lindsay deserve better.


I know you're smarter than I am.


What kind of books do you read?


She had a headache from lack of sleep.


Since she speaks in French, I can't understand her.

I followed Amy back to his camp.

Good evening. I'd like a glass of milk.


A few minor mistakes apart, your writing is good.

Isn't that just a brush fire?

Edgar and Eddy have forgiven me.

From a social perspective, menarche is typically considered the central event of female puberty - but menarche does not necessarily signal that ovulation has begun occurring.

Hank read the French translation and thought it sounded OK.

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Why is Dimetry dressed like that?


Do you talk to Shutoku a lot?


Stagger wouldn't approve.

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Is it in the room?

Don't give a child more money than is necessary.

Take it away, Hiroyuki.


We often play chess.

Will you be eating and drinking all night?

Please beat the eggs.

I am not one of those who go in for dieting.

They were encouraged not to let their cattle roam freely.

What does that mean?

I think I'm going to be busy on Friday.

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The room is shrouded in smoke.

The restaurant was far from the station.

The reason is, no one can speak my language.

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How can people do that?

I've heard that it is best to always feed your dog at a specific time every day.

I'd like a double with a bath.

Ron says I look like a kid.

I don't need your answer now, you can sleep on it and come back in a few days.

This classroom is separated from that one by a wall.

We are now in-laws, seeing as our kids got married.

You'd better stay in bed for a few days.

I read the book from beginning to end.


I'm too happy for you.